Our Lady of Rosary and St Patricks

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9th September 2018

                 Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary & St. Patrick

              61 Blackhorse Road E17 7AS

             Tel: 020 8520 3647

                       Parish Email:         

             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



                 Fr. Kevin T. Conway SMA       



Mass Times

Monday – Friday 09.30am    /   Saturday 10.00am / 7.00pm

Sunday 09.00am / 11.30am / 1.00pm (Polish) / 6.00pm

Eucharistic Adoration

       Tuesday 7.30pm – 8:30pm and after Friday Morning Mass

Every Friday 8.00pm – 9:30pm (Polish)

 Confession Saturday 10:30 am – 11:00 am & 6:15 pm – 6:40 pm





WE THANK FR EDDIE DEENEY SMA WHO HAS BEEN HELPING IN THE PARISH OVER THE PAST WEEK. Fr Eddie was working in the Parish 2007-2009. We wish him well as he returns to Ireland during the week.


SECOND COLLECTION THIS WEEKEND IN ALL MASSES, FOR CATHOLIC EDUCATION SERVICE. Education Sunday is a day of celebration for all those involved in education. For over a century it has been part of an ecumenical celebration in which the Catholic Church participates. The Catholic Education Service’s theme for Education Sunday 2018 is 'Ephphatha - Be Opened!'.


SECOND COLLECTION NEXT SUNDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER FOR HOME MISSION. Home Mission Sunday provides us with the opportunity to focus on this mission, pray for it and prompt parishioners to take part in it. At the same time, the second collection next Sunday supports the work of the Home Mission Office. Home Mission vision is to help the local Church make the joy of the Gospel a reality in England and Wales.


FIRST HOLY COMMUNION 2018/19. There will be a meeting for the parents of the First Holy Communion candidates at 7pm on Monday 10th September in the Parish Hall and the books for the programme will also be on sale. The First Holy Communion coordinators would like to speak to all teachers and volunteers straight after this meeting. The first lesson for the candidates will be on Sunday 16th September. Parents, please check your email box.


TEA ON THE LAWN. We would like to encourage you to join us for tea, coffee, juice with biscuits on the lawn on Sundays after 9am Mass.  Volunteers are needed for the month of September. Please sign if you are happy to help. ROTA AVAILABLE ON THE NOTICEBOARD.


Renewal and the Restructuring of our diocese

Stewards of the Gospel: Up-Date on the Process

Steward of the Gospel  -  All parishioners are warmly invited to attend the next Renewal Parish Meeting on Monday 10th September 2018 in the church at 7pm. This will be an opportunity to discuss how we can help our priest and the parish by putting parishioners ideas for Renewal into action. In preparation for this meeting, a copy of the Renewal Action Plan Targets for Working Party Groups - 2018 & Beyond is now available on the noticeboard inside the porch. Please take a look and write your name in the space provided on the form to show which Working Party you would like to part of at the Parish Renewal meeting.


ANNUAL MEMORIAL SERVICE ORGANISED BY CHRIST THE KING SBP. Sunday 23rd September 3pm. All Saints Church Chingford Mount (opposite cemetery). All welcome.


REIMAGINING BRITAIN - A DAY ORGANISED BY JPIC (JUSTICE & PEACE & INTEGRITY OF CREATION LINKS) facilitated  by Paul  Hackwood, Director of the Church Urban Fund. All are welcome.  Using his extensive practical experience of approaching social justice issues from a faith perspective and his work to bring people of different faiths together Paul will first be exploring: ‘Freedom, equality and Justice our Christian heritage. It’s on 6th October10.00 for 10.30 start -  finishing with Mass at 4.00, 20 Phoenix Road, Euston, London NW1 1TA. Bring lunch to share. Voluntary contribution £10 payable at the door.


A DAY OF REFLECTION & ENRICHMENT FOR READERS: As you know the Vicariate for Evangelisation are organising a Diocesan-wide day of Recollection and Enrichment for Readers planned for Saturday 20th October at The Becket Centre, Woodford Green.  The day will be led by Dr Marian Tolley of Shrewsbury Diocese (Marian has travelled throughout Britain running courses for Readers for many years; has a highly respected reputation for running work-shops in liturgical music; the training of deacons and for speaking on various topics relating to the liturgy).  It will cover the spiritual dimension of the ministry, including:  The Real Presence in the Word of God;  Relationship of the Liturgy of the Word to the Liturgy of the Eucharist;  Preparation;  Technical aspects/difficulties of reading the Scriptures as Proclamation;  Pointers to reading aloud;  Using a microphone and much more.   


MARIAN MISSION PRE-SCHOOL. Places are still available at our pre-school for 2 to 4 year olds .15 hours of FREE NURSERY education during term time are available. Please see Flyer for more information or contact: The Sisters on: Tel: 02085187499   or Mob: 07940143545Or collect an application pack from:Marian Mission Educational and Family Support Centre1 Colchester Road Leyton, London E10 6HA.


CANCER RESEARCH UK. Hi All, unfortunately we all know someone who has been affected by Cancer and for this reason Me, my mum Anna and my daughter Allessandra are going to be completing the half marathon Shine walk on the 22nd September to help raise money to help find a cure.   It’s going to be a BIG challenge for the 3 of us but I know with your thoughts, prayers and any contributions to this amazing cause I know we will do it. Many thanks, Tina Silva x



MASS LINK URGENTLY NEEDS YOUR HELP. Volunteers are needed for Mass Link.  The role of Mass Link is to enable sick and housebound parishioners to listen to 6pm Mass every Sunday.  Training will be provided.  Please contact Parish Office during office hours.


ARE YOU AWARE that the Rosary is said weekdays morning in the Church at 9.05am (just before the morning Mass)? Join us for this beautiful prayer.


IMPORTANT NOTICE. Due to Fire and Safety Regulations, children and persons of limited mobility are NOT permitted in the gallery.  We also ask that when lighting a candle, you first place the candle in one of the cups provided. Please do not walk around with a lighted candle.


THE LEGION OF MARY RETREAT.  All parishioners are invited to attend the Legion of Mary Retreat on Saturday 15th September which will take place at this holy church.  The retreat will start from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm.  All are very welcome! For further news of how our time will be filled please see the applicable notice in the porch.  Thank you and God bless.


RED MISSIO BOX please drop all your boxes for emptying.  Thank you all for your contributions.  – Dolly Relopez 


DIVINE MERCY- every Wednesday at 4pm in the Church.


NOVENA PRAYER OF OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP every Wednesday at 10am. Everyone is invited.


LEGION OF MARY meeting is held each Thursday after Mass at 10:15 am.  If anyone is interested in what we do you are very welcome to attend. For more information come and meet us.


EL SHADDAI (CATHOLIC CHARISMATIC GROUP). Rosary prayer, praise and worship, preaching the gospel of the Lord, every Saturday, from 1pm – 4pm. All welcome to join.




As children head back to school after summer vacation, some are excited while others probably wish summer would never end. But just as we once did, they will reconnect with friends and make new ones. They will learn and grow throughout this new school year. Childhood, though brief, is an important season in life—making powerful memories that live forever.  Parents and grandparents have a huge opportunity and responsibility to nurture the bodies, minds and spirits of our children. The Scripture teaches us that children and grandchildren are a blessing from God. In the Bible, when the mother brought her young ones to Jesus, He blessed them and explained to the disciples that they must become like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. All God’s little ones are precious in His eyes, and we must take extra precautions to keep these little ones safe.    These are also challenging times for kids as they go back to school. With all that is happening in the world, their safety is not guaranteed. We have seen more than our share of school shootings, and with social media, bullying is taking place now more than ever. Kids face social, academic and physical pressures at school and home.  We must watch over the children in our care or in our communities with prayer. We must think of ways to help them be the best they can be and to teach them how to become loving, caring and purpose-driven adults. We must always pray for their well-being, safety and personal success. We must teach them about God, faith, caring for others and becoming stewards of our planet. This is a huge job, but we don’t have to do it alone—we have God, our churches and communities who can help us bless these children. Lord, bless our children as they return to school and teach ushow to guide themin their social and spiritual development.   – By Pablo Diaz.

Contact Details

Contact Us

Telephone: 020 8520 3647

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

61 Blackhorse Road

Parish office time hours

Marife and Marta 

(Parish Secretaries)

Monday – Wednesday  9am – 1pm

Friday - Saturday  9am - 2pm






Mass Times

Monday – Friday09.30am

Saturday: 10.00am / 7.00pm

Sunday: 09.00am / 11.30am /

1.00pm (Polish) / 6.00pm

Eucharistic Adoration

Tuesday: 7.30pm – 8:30pm

Friday: after Morning Mass

Every Friday 8.00pm – 9.30pm

Led by a Polish prayer group. 

Everyone welcome.


Saturday 10:30 am – 11:00 am &

6:15 pm – 6:40 pm