Our Lady of Rosary and St Patricks

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1st April 2018




Sunday 25th March 


Masses with the distribution of Palms






Monday 26th March

Reconciliation Service




Wednesday 28th March



Mass of the Oil in Brentwood Cathedral






Thursday 29th March



Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Washing of feet &

Renewal of Ministries





Good Friday

Friday 30th March


Children Service



Procession of Witness



Adult Service



Stations of the Cross



Service in Polish





Holy Saturday

Saturday 31st March




Blessing of food in Polish

(Every 30 minutes)


10.00am -1pm


Easter Vigil Mass




Easter Sunday

Sunday 1st April                


Easter Sunday Masses





Easter Sunday Mass in Polish



Easter Sunday Mass




Easter Monday

Monday 2nd April


Easter Monday Mass in  English



Easter Monday Mass in Polish




May the Lord bless your home with happiness and unwavering faith this Easter. Easter is about peace, love, and family.

Wishing you an Easter that is bright, happy, and filled with the contentment of the Lord.


                 Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary & St. Patrick

              61 Blackhorse Road E17 7AS

             Tel: 020 8520 3647

           Parish Email:         

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            Fr. Kevin T. Conway SMA     Fr. Freddy Warner SMA   



Mass Times

Monday – Friday 09.30am    /   Saturday 10.00am / 7.00pm

Sunday 09.00am / 11.30am / 1.00pm (Polish) / 6.00pm

Eucharistic Adoration

       Tuesday 7.30pm – 8:30pm and after Friday Morning Mass

Every Friday 8.00pm – 9:30pm (Polish)

 Confession Saturday 10:30 am – 11:00 am & 6:15 pm – 6:40 pm





God has given us the gift of hope when He Died and Resurrected at Easter. Let us remind ourselves of this great gift and keep a positive outlook in life. May you always be blessed with love, life and happiness. May this Easter be the start of your new, better life.

Have a Blessed Easter Sunday!

Fr Kevin & Fr Freddy


May the spirit of the Risen Christ be in all your lives giving you a feeling of joy and hope. Happy Easter from Marifé & Marta.


MONDAY, 2nd APRIL is a Bank Holiday, Mass starts at 10am.


GIFT AID 2018-2019. Boxes for the new financial year are available to collect at all Masses.




The First Formal Proposal for the Renewal and restructuring of our Diocese

The Steward of the Gospel Steering Group would like to say a huge thank you to all parishioners who attended the Parish Renewal meeting on Monday, 19th March. Your responses and ideas were much appreciated! We will let you know the dates of when each 'Renewal Working Party Group' will meet, in due course.


YOU ARE INVITED TO CELEBRATE THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE BEATIFICATION OF BLESSED CYPRIAN MICHAEL IWENE TANSI. ON SATURDAY 7th APRIL 2018 at 12.30pm at St. Francis Catholic Church, Grove Crescent Road, Stratford, LONDON, E15 4HT.  For further info, please call Mother Maria on 07940143545 or Sir Joe Duke on 07956274279.


DIVINE MERCY CELEBRATION- 8TH APRIL, 3.00 PM TO 5.00 PM.  We are pleased to announce that Divine Mercy Prayers will be celebrated at this church on 8th April, between 3 pm to 5 pm in keeping with the expressed request of our Lord Jesus Christ to St. Faustina.       DIVINE MERCY- every Wednesday at 4pm in the Church.


SION COMMUNITY CHARISMATIC TEACHING WEEKEND.   From 6pm Friday 13th April to 2pm Sunday 15th April 2018. Theme: ’Moving in the Anointing' - Learning to walk in the Charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to grow in faith and be a blessing to others. This weekend is a great follow-up to 'Life in the Spirit' seminars. Guest Speaker: Fr Pat Collins. Cost: £110 residential, £80 non-residential. Book early as we have limited spaces. For more information call 01277 215011 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  /  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  . 


WALK TO MASS ON EARTH DAY - SUNDAY 22nd APRIL.  Earth Day 2018 takes place on Sunday 22nd April. St Patrick's will be marking the day by urging all parishioners to leave the car at home when you come to Mass on Saturday 21st or Sunday 22nd April, and to walk, cycle or use public transport instead. Our parish received the CAFOD Live Simply award last year so let's show our commitment to the environment by using our own energy and not fossil fuels when we come to Mass on Earth Day this year.


MASS FOR MIGRANTS, MONDAY 7TH MAY (BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY), 11am, Southwark Cathedral. For decades the Church has welcomed people from many shores, and this Mass celebrates the international diversity of our congregations. Celebrated by the Archbishop of Southwark, with our own Bishop Alan, and many priests and people from across London, Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire, this Mass is full of joy. All are welcome. More details on the poster at the back of the church.


UNABLE TO MAKE IT TO MASS? The church offers a service called Mass Link.  At 6pm Sunday Mass, via Skype, we call people who want to listen to the Mass and broadcast the Mass to them over their phones. This service is available for anyone who can't make it to Mass if you are ill or housebound.  If you would like this service, please give your number to the Parish Office and we will ring you every Sunday at 6pm to listen in!

LEGION OF MARY meetings are held each Thursday after Mass at 10:15 am.  If anyone is interested in what we do you are very welcome to attend. For more information come and meet us.



HELPING KIDS REMEMBER THE TRUE MEANING OF EASTER Instead of chocolate bunnies and egg hunts, shift Easter's focus to faith and rebirth.  by Kathryn Slattery.   Jelly beans, cellophane-covered baskets, giant sweet bunnies. As I spotted all the trappings of Easter in the supermarket, I thought to myself, No wonder kids get confused about Easter.  Explaining Christmas was a cinch–the birth of Christ is simpler to grasp. Creches, carols and pageants all reinforce the message, making it easier to keep Santa Claus in perspective. But how could I explain to my two school-age children something as profound and mysterious as the Resurrection?  I knew that other parents were struggling with this, too. In fact, I took the greatest comfort in the advice of one friend who said, "Start with the traditions you already have."  On Good Friday in our home we always colour Easter eggs–three dozen. What could be a more obvious symbol of new life than eggs? Last year I told the children about a chick I once saw hatching in an incubator. I described how he poked his way out with his beak. "A new life. That's what we celebrate at Easter," I explained, "the new life we have in Christ."  The next bit of inspiration came while I was shopping. I found a set of Bible storybooks for my son, Brinck, and came across a tiny gold cross necklace for Katy. I included these presents in the children's Easter baskets, and since then I've added prayer journals, tapes, Scripture stickers and bookmarks. I like the tradition of Easter baskets, especially when I can include gifts that will nurture the children's faith.  The third idea came from Posy Baker Lough. "Try something," she suggested, "to give children a good visual image of the Resurrection." She described a project at her church: The children were given caterpillars, and in the weeks prior to Easter the kids watched them spin cocoons, metamorphosing into butterflies."  The butterflies were released just before Easter Sunday service," Posy said. "Afterward, when we explained to the kids that the cocoon was like Christ's death and entombment, and that his resurrection was like the butterfly, they understood."  At Easter time, images of new life are usually easy to find: crocuses and daffodils blooming, lambs gamboling in fields, birds returning to their nests, green returning to the landscape. But sometimes spring comes late (or Easter comes early) and the holiday meets a grey, cold day. Then I think of something that happened to my friend Alison.  On an unseasonably cold Easter morning when Alison was 10 years old, her mother urged her to go outside to see what was in the yard. There in the snow her mother had made a rainbow of hundreds of brightly coloured lollipops, sparkling like bits of stained glass. "It seemed like a miracle," Alison says. "Magical, beautiful, full of mystery and wonder."  And that, I realize, is what I want more than anything else to give my children: the miracle of Easter. It was God's most astonishing miracle, the resurrection of Christ and the promise it held for us: eternal life.  So, finally, go to church on Easter. Put on your best clothes, take flowers from your garden, sing all the hymns with alleluias. Celebrate. Last Easter Sunday I was delighted when I overheard one youngster say, "Christmas is Jesus' birthday, but Easter is everybody's birthday."  Yes, it is. Easter is the time for you and your children–for all of us–to joyfully celebrate our new birth.

Contact Details

Contact Us

Telephone: 020 8520 3647

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

61 Blackhorse Road

Parish office time hours

Marife and Marta 

(Parish Secretaries)

Monday – Wednesday  9am – 1pm

Friday - Saturday  9am - 2pm






Mass Times

Monday – Friday09.30am

Saturday: 10.00am / 7.00pm

Sunday: 09.00am / 11.30am /

1.00pm (Polish) / 6.00pm

Eucharistic Adoration

Tuesday: 7.30pm – 8:30pm

Friday: after Morning Mass

Every Friday 8.00pm – 9.30pm

Led by a Polish prayer group. 

Everyone welcome.


Saturday 10:30 am – 11:00 am &

6:15 pm – 6:40 pm