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26th March 2017



STATIONS OF THE CROSS DURING LENT: every Thursday after 9:30am Mass and every Friday evening 7:30pm.



GIFT AID 2016-2017. Boxes for the new financial year are available to collect at all Masses. Please note the Gift Aid box number that you have taken home as some of the boxes are missing. You may have taken the wrong one home accidently. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU NEED TO REGISTER IN THE PARISH IN ORDER TO GET A GIFT AID BOX.

Please see Parish Secretary.









Diocese of Brentwood Centenary Celebration in Walsingham on Saturday 22nd July 2017. Our parish would like to arrange a coach, so if you are interested in going please put your name on the list on the notice board as soon as possible.


Parish Pastoral Meeting, Tuesday 28th March at 7pm – Presbytery

All council members are asked to attend.


               DON’T FORGET to move your CLOCKS FORWARD 1 Hour.


PLEASE HELP:  The parish is looking for readers for 6pm Sunday Mass. Please email or ring the parish office during office hours



Parish of Christ the King Lenten Retreat Sunday 2nd April from 1pm. It will start with a simple lunch (soup & roll) and end with a meditation on the Cross.


St Patrick’s Nursery– Full and part-time places available from September 2017.  Please see church notice board for full details.


St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School has the following pupil vacancies:

Year 3 – 5 spaces, Year 4 – 2 spaces & Year 5 – 5 spaces.   Please contact the school office on 020 8509 4321 for more information.


UNABLE TO MAKE IT TO MASS? The church offers a service called Mass Link.  At 6pm Sunday Mass, via Skype, we call people who want to listen to the Mass and broadcast the Mass to them over their phones. This service is available for anyone who can't make it to Mass, be that due to illness or any other reason.  If you would like this service, please give  your number to the Parish Office and we will ring you every Sunday at 6pm to listen in!



SAINSBURYS SAVE ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHERS FOR ST. PATRICK’S SCHOOL.  Please accept Active Kids Vouchers from Sainsbury’s and put them in the box in the porch.  They can be used by the school to buy much needed sports equipment.







A Prayer of thanksgiving for mothers

As a mother protects her children, watching over them day by day, alert to danger, and ready if necessary to sacrifice herself for their sakes, so you Lord protect, your arms constantly encircling us, your hands delivering us from harm.

For the intensity of your love, Lord Jesus we thank you.

Loving God, we thank you for mothers – for all they mean or have meant, for the love they have shown and the care they have given.

We thank you for the qualities of mothers – their patience, their kindness, concern and understanding.

We thank you for the part they play in our lives, and we thank you for this day of saying ‘thank you’ this opportunity to say what we so often mean to say but so rarely do. For mothers and motherhood, for children and families we bring you this day our grateful praise.



Prayer for Lent

God of our healing and our wholeness, renew and recreate us in your truth. Let this time of Lent bring nourishment, refreshment, and new life to our hearts and spirits. Help us to become more aware of what we need to let go of and what we need to embrace. May we come to an ever deeper appreciation of the unique and wonderful work of art which You—the Artist of each soul—created us to be. We offer this prayer in the name of Jesus your Son who died that we might live life to the full. Amen.(“Turn to the Living God” from A Place at the Table, Lori True)





A celebration marking the centenary of the founding of Brentwood Diocese on 22 March saw parish communities and Church Leaders remember those affected by the terrorist attack in London earlier in the day. Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, Bishop Alan Williams sm of Brentwood Diocese and Bishop Roger Crow, Anglican Bishop of Colchester, all said their thoughts and prayers were with those who had died or been injured and their grieving families.

The evening Mass in Brentwood marked the formation of the Diocese, which sprang from its parent Westminster 100 years ago.

In his homily Cardinal Vincent recalled Pope Francis' words to young people: "If you want to be people of hope, then go home and talk to your grandparents - they have the memory of history, the experience of living, and this is a great gift that will help you in your life's journey." He said: "As we celebrate the centenary of the Diocese, we look to our grandparents in faith. We look to them with gratitude for all they have done in establishing this Diocese, and in nurturing the faith of Catholics in East London and in Essex."

Referring to the readings, he said: "This Gospel command is that we are to live as 'missionary disciples', while the second reading from St Paul gives us clues on how to do it. Discerning what our particular giftedness may be and how to put that to service is essential to a healthy Church”..           

He said that faith finds a most eloquent expression when it is grounded in the real circumstance of life. "Action is the test of our faith." If we are to spread the Good News for the next hundred years, said the Cardinal, “we must heed this call to the practical witness of faith.”

“Prayer is not an optional extra, however”, he said. "Practicality and prayer are two sides of the same coin: if one spreads faith, the other nurtures faith within us. Together they help us to see our responsibilities within a context so vast as to be eternal."

He concluded: "The praise of God is rooted in thankfulness for the past and hope for the future.




          Divine Mercy - every Wednesday at 4pm in the church.



                                         PARISH OFFICE TIME HOURS 9am-1pm

Marifé: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

                                  Marta: Friday  /  Magdalena: Saturday


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Parish office time hours

Marife and Marta 

(Parish Secretaries)

Monday – Wednesday  9am – 1pm

Friday - Saturday  9am - 2pm






Mass Times

Monday – Friday09.30am

Saturday: 10.00am / 7.00pm

Sunday: 09.00am / 11.30am /

1.00pm (Polish) / 6.00pm

Eucharistic Adoration

Tuesday: 7.30pm – 8:30pm

Friday: after Morning Mass

Every Friday 8.00pm – 9.30pm

Led by a Polish prayer group. 

Everyone welcome.


Saturday 10:30 am – 11:00 am &

6:15 pm – 6:40 pm