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24th JUNE 2012

Sunday      24th JUNE 2012          THE BIRTH OF ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST                                                           


PETER'S PENCEThe annual second collection in support of the Holy Father will be taken up today.


Feast of SS Peter and Paul is celebrated next Friday 29th June. It is a Holyday of Obligation which means we are all expected to attend Church on that day. Masses at 9:30 am and 7:30 pm

 RCIARegistration is now open.  Any adult who has not been baptised or who was baptised in a different church / denomination and wishes to become a Catholic is invited to see Fr. John.



When entering the church please turn off your mobile phone.  Chewing gum and eating sweets, biscuits etc in Church?  No. No.  Please !  is the address of the new parish website which is presently being built. While comments would be welcome, of greater value at this point would be actual statements from parish groups about themselves that could be posted on the web site.

First  Holy Communion 2012-2013 Parent's meeting Tuesday 3rd July at 6:30 pm in the Church.



JUBILEE CABARET. EVERYONE WELCOME. FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY.  SATURDAY 23rd JUNE at 8.00pm & SUNDAY 24th JUNE at 2.30pm.  ST. PATRICKS PARISH HALL.  ENTRANCE IS FREE (on a first come first served basis, until capacity is reached) THERE WILL BE A LICENSED BAR et.


JOB VACANCY.  St Mary’s Catholic Primary School (V.A.) Station Road Chingford London E4 7BJ Tel: 020 8529 4723 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website:  PRIMARY CLASS TEACHER Required for September 2012 or January 2013 (NQT / Experienced) TLR point available for a suitable candidate. 


The Bi-Annual Concelebrated Requiem Mass at St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Leytonstone, will be on Monday 9th July at 11:30 am.

Minutes of a recent Parish Council Meeting are onthe notice board.


Children  Mass. You are warmly invited to the children's Mass on Sunday 8 July, at the 11.30am Mass. We will have refreshments and activities in the parish hall afterwards. Please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult. We hope that you can join us! Thank you to everyone who helped with the last children's Mass, and all those who attended it. We had a wonderful celebration! God bless.

ST PATRICK’S CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL: SUMMER FETE, SUNDAY 15 JULY 12.30-3.30pm. You are warmly invited to our summer fete! There will be a bouncy castle, face painting, cake stalls, bric-a-brac, barbecue, tombola, and live entertainment with music and dancing from around the world. And much, much, more! Please come along and have a fun day out with all the family and help us raise much needed funds for our parish school! Many thanks for your support. God bless from FOSPA, Friends of St Patrick’s Association.

JOB VACANCY.  Teacher Vacancy-St. Patrick’s Primary seek to employ a class teacher to cover maternity leave from Sept 12. See notice board for details. 
 Wanstead Church School are seeking to appoint a new Headteacher.

Gift Aid Envelopes  2012 – 2013The following members who have been using temporary numbers over 600 with envelope numbers 605, 606, 609, 613, 614 ,615, 623,  624, 626, 627, 630, 646, 648, 667, 673, 677, 684, 685 and 690 will now be allocated permanent numbers under 600. Those concerned are asked to collect their boxes from the Presbytery this weekend.




Fr. John:  Monday, Tuesday and Saturday (am). 

                Other days (except  Thursday) by appointment only.

Marife & Beata (Parish Secretaries)  Monday – Saturday  9am – 1pm




******************************* FUNNY CHURCH STORY *****************************

Take No Offence'I hope you didn't take it personally, Father', an embarrassed woman said after a church service, 'when my husband walked out during your sermon.' 'I did find it rather disconcerting,' the vicar replied. 'It's not a reflection on you, Father' insisted the church goer. 'Christopher has been walking in his sleep ever since he was a child.'…………………………..  The Hand of God.  Little Philip was spending the weekend with his grandmother after a particularly trying week in infant school. His grandmother decided to take him to the park on Saturday morning. It had been snowing all night and everything was beautiful. His grandmother commented, 'Doesn't it look like an artist painted this scenery? Did you know God painted this just for you?' 'Yes, 'replied Philip, 'God did it and he did it left handed.' This confused his grandmother so she asked him, 'What makes you say God did this with his left hand?' 'Well, 'said Philip, 'we learned at Sunday School last week that Jesus sits on God's right hand.'


Inspirational Story

THE PRECIOUS GIFT. – AUTHOR UNKNOWN- Once upon a time, when God had finished making the world, he wanted to leave behind a piece of His own divinity, a spark of His essence, a promise to man of what he could become, with effort. He looked for a place to hide this precious gift because, He explained, what man could find too easily would never be valued by him.  "Then you must hide this gift on the highest mountain peak on earth," said one of his counselors.  God shook His head, "No, for man is an adventuresome creature and he will soon enough learn to climb the highest mountain peaks." "Hide it then, O Great One, in the depths of the earth."  "I think not," said God. "for man will one day discover that he can dig into the deepest parts of the earth."  "In the middle of the ocean then, Master?"  God shook His head. "I've given man a brain, you see, and one day he'll learn to build ships and cross the mightiest oceans."  "Where then, Master?" cried His counselors.  God smiled, "I'll hide it where every man and woman will be able to find it if they look sincerely and deeply enough. I'll hide it in their heart."……..

 CAN YOU SEE GOD? –Author unknown-  A small boy once approached his slightly older sister with a question about God. "Susie, can anybody ever really see God?" he asked. Busy with other things, Susie curtly replied: "No, of course not silly. God is so far up in heaven that nobody can see him."  Time passed, but his question still lingered so he approached his mom: "Mom, can anybody ever really see God?" "No, not really," she gently said. "God is a spirit and he dwells in our hearts, but we can never really see Him."  Somewhat satisfied but still wondering, the youngster went on his way. Not long afterwards, his saintly old grandfather took the little boy on a fishing trip. They were having a great time together. The sun was beginning to set with unusual splendour and the grandfather stared silently at the exquisite beauty unfolding before them.   On seeing the face of his grandfather reflecting such deep peace and contentment, the little boy thought for a moment and finally spoke hesitatingly:  "Granddad, I--I-- wasn't going to ask anybody else, but I wonder if you can tell me the answer to something I've been wondering about a long time. Can anybody - can anybody ever really see God?".  The old man did not even turn his head. A long moment slipped by before he finally answered. "Son," he quietly said. "It's getting so I can't see anything else."


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